Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Color From Frances!

Tennessee has been gifted this year with a truly remarkable amount of fall color.  I had my doubts for a while when the dry summer weather hit in July but thankfully I was wrong!  Do you want to see a great example of some awesome fall color in the garden?  Visit Frances at Faire Garden!  The witchhazels are spectacular on her sloped hillside blended with a masterful mix of muhlenbergia!  (aka Muhly grass) Add a few Japanese maples, azaleas, and sourwood trees with backdrops of maples and you really have one spectacular fall garden!

From Frances:
"It is a clear and sunny day, the better to see you, my dear garden. From the far eastern edge of the property, down by the street and under the stand of tall Loblolly pine trees, the range of hues has us humming."

The Fall Color Project is hosted each year by Growing The Home Garden.  Visit the Fall Color Project  for more information on how to participate!

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