Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Not Only About the Leaves on the Trees

If you are like me when you think of fall color you think of the leaves on the trees, the berries on the bushes, and maybe the flowers that are trying to hang on as long as they can.  But what about the vegetables?  Kale, pumpkin, cabbage, and broccoli all offer fall colors! Lisa from Your Easy Garden offers up these sights and more fall color in the form of flowers and foliage.

"But I have to say - even though I always favor hot, bright dramatic colors - what really wowed me this year were the subtle purples, pinks, blue-greens and whites of the farmer's ornamental kale …"

The Fall Color Project is hosted each year by Growing The Home Garden.  Visit the Fall Color Project  for more information on how to participate!

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