Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fall Color Project 2011

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down, and the garden is beginning to wrap up for the summer which means that it's time for the 2011 Fall Color Project to begin! This will be the fourth year for the Fall Color Project and every year I'm amazed at the beautiful fall scenes bloggers share.

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year.  For most of us it is the beginning of the end of the growing season, but it's also a time of renewal as those leaves nourish our beloved trees and plants in future growing seasons. As the days grow shorter and the leaves change color their beauty should be highlighted and celebrated.  Which is why I began the Fall Color Project way back in 2008. Each year participating bloggers take their cameras and try to capture what fall looks like in their area. Here with the Fall Color Project I collect those posts all together so that we can see fall all over our country and other countries where we may not be able to travel. Through photographs and pictures we can follow the changing of the leaves from the north and down into the deep south.

It's very easy to participate in the Fall Color Project. First you need a blog, any blog. You don't have to just a garden blogger to participate! Next you need a camera to go out and get the best pictures of fall in your area that you can find. Of course if you are on vacation and take some pictures while enjoying your trip that is perfect. Then post about your fall colors and mention the Fall Color Project 2011 with a link to this post or to so that visitors can see the fall color in other areas. Be sure to include where your photos were taken (City, State, Province, etc. I try to organize the wrap up post by areas). Then come back to this post and comment with a link to your post so that I can find it. That's all there is to it!

Everyday I'll update the Fall Color Project Blog with a short 5-10 sentence snippet from the most current blogposts, a thumbnail image linked to your blog, a link back to your blog, and maybe a little commentary from me about how awesome your post is!  (If you don't want me to use a thumbnail photo please be sure to tell me otherwise I'll include the picture and link.)

I'm looking forward to seeing the fall color your blog post will be bringing to the Fall Color Project! Each and every year the colors and photos have been amazing! Feel free to explore the pictures that were taken for the Fall Color Project 2010, 2009 or 2008.

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  1. Hi Dave! I've just posted my 2011 Fall Color Project!! It's amazing around here this year - unlike Last Year. :-)

    Thanks for hosting this! sg

  2. Thanks for the opportunity . I just posted a 2011 Fall colors project after seeing Shady's link.

  3. Hi Dave: I just found out about your meme. This is a great one! My most recent posts are about fall foliage in southwestern Wisconsin--one during a driving adventure and one in my own garden. I will mention your meme in my next post, which should go up Monday evening. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Hi Dave, just linked to your fall meme.

  5. Hi Dave -- my Fall color post is live. Please see: Crystal Lake, IL -- the color is in full swing here but high winds are cutting some of them short.

  6. Hi Dave - Found your Fall Color Project while chasing links in blogs I follow. I've put together a fall color post, but there isn't a lot around at the moment. I'm in New Hampshire.

  7. Here is my link to the GBFCP.

    I can't believe three years have come and gone since you started it. It's still my favorite meme too.

  8. Hi Dave! I'm joining in again this year with fall colors from southeastern Pennsylvania:

    Thanks for hosting this fun event.

  9. Hi Dave!
    I just posted.
    This will be my first time participating in The Fall Color Project!
    I'm in Suwanee, GA. and the leaves are starting to look great!
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  10. Dave!
    Had problems with my host working now

  11. Hi Dave - great to see the Fall Colour Project now has a blog of its own :)

    Here's my contribution for this year. It's peak leaf colour for us this week I believe.

    Greetings from across the pond!

  12. Hi Dave, as you probably know, Tennessee's fall color has been way above average. Here is my post:
    Looking Around For Fall Foliage

    Thanks for hosting this fun meme!

  13. Hi Dave! I've got a post up for the Fall Color Project!

    Trees in Autumn

    Thanks for doing this for another year!

  14. Dave, I always look forward to this project every year--thanks for hosting it once again! I'm a little late getting my post up, because our peak color in central Illinois was probably in mid-October. But I like to wait until the very end of the "show" to capture it all, and now that most of the trees are bare, it's fun to look back at how beautiful it all was just a short time ago.

  15. Just posted my fall color project post on the color here in eastern North Carolina. The colors are amazing this year!

  16. Hi Dave! Thanks for hosting this project! I posted two sets of photographs from one of the best nurseries in WA which specializes on Japanese maples. The colors are awesome!

  17. I hope we can all agree it IS still fall - and here's my post

    Thanks for the meme! Love looking at fall color photos.

  18. Hi Dave! I, so, enjoyed seeing all the fall color around the country, and I'm excited to share the autumn color in my central Florida garden. Yes, Florida!...contrary to popular belief, we do enjoy autumn color here in Florida. Here's my link: